Introduction: Electronic Crane

Hello, This is my first Instructables so apologies for any mistakes. I have wanted to make an electronic crane for a long time but I did not know how to. I could not find any projects online so I had to figure it out myself. To save you the trouble of what I had to do I decided to make and Instructables on my project.

The Crane can go up and down and change the speed.

What you need:

-Sheet of aluminum (170mm x 130mm)

-Smaller sheet of aluminum (25mm x 20mm)

-Sheet of brass(280mm x 25mm)

-Nylon cylinder(70mm x 10mm(diameter))

-Perspex(100mm x 50mm

-Simple plastic pulley

-Brass bar (90mm x 4mm)

-6 Nuts And Bolts (2 2mm screws, 2 25mm screws, 1 14mm screw and 1 5mm screw)

-DC motor

-Variable resistor

- DPDT switch

-Copper wire

-9-volt battery pack

-9-volt battery

Tools I used:


-Soldering iron

-Metal saw


-Hot glue gun

Step 1: Making the "body"

In this step we will be making the body of the crane.

For the main body I used aluminium and for the "neck" I used brass, you of course can use any material you want. we will start by marking out the aluminium. mark out the piece as shown in the diagram. after that drill the holes in the right position and then file or cut away all the excess. bend the 3 legs at a 90-degree angle each

For the "neck" of the crane I used brass I cut 2 pieces 170mm long each drilled the holes as in the diagram. I rounded off the top of one end and bent it on the bend line at 90 degrees at the side where there is the hole to the left. then screw the 2 pieces together.

Step 2: Electronics

This will be a short step

Solder the electronics as shown in the diagram, Test If they are working properly if they are attach the motor,Variable resistor and switch to the body.

If you are struggling with the electronics ask me for help in the comments

If you don't know how to solder there is many videos showing you how to solder on youtube

Sorry about he hot glue in the photo I forgot to take a photo of the electronics before I hot glued it.

Step 3: The Pulley

For the pulley I made a shaft out of nylon and drilled a hole the diameter of the part of the motor that spins then drilled a hole at the end of the piece which a threaded so I could put a screw in to hold the pulley in place and attached 2 circular perspex pieces to the shaft. I glued the perspex pieces and then thread some string around our new pulley. for the hook you can use anything but I bent a thing brass bar and filed a notch in the top so the rope would not slip off

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Not that your crane is complete you can make it look nice. you can paint, polish or finish your pieces in anyway you want. This isn't necessary but I hot glued all the electrical joints to add an extra layer of protection