Introduction: Electronic Dice

Hello everybody,

We are two students engineering from Belgium, and today, will show you how to make an electronic dice. This comes in very handy when you're playing a board game like monopoly. You will never have to worry again about letting your dices fall on the ground! Just press the button and go!

Step 1: Buy the Components

The components you'll need:

*Some Perfboard

*9x LEDs

*3x 220 Ohm resistors

*1x 10k Ohm resistor

*1x Pushbutton

*1x Atmel 2313 +Socket

*Some wire

Also needed:

Soldering tools

Arduino (for programming the chip)

Breadboard an some jumper wires (for testing)

Step 2: Make Sure You Can Program an Atmel 2313 Chip

For this step, watch this Instructables, it's really good!

Step 3: Upload the Program

Use the things you learned from the link in the previous step to upload the arduino sketch to your atmel 2313:

Step 4: Make Everything on a Breadboard

This is the schedule of the dice. It is recommended to test this on a breadboard first.

Step 5: Solder Everything on Perfboard

Solder the schedule to a perfboard.

Step 6: And You're Done!

This was the instructable. We hope you'll have tons of fun with it!

Greetings from Belgium