Introduction: Electronic Drum With AB-Shutter3

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Electronic drum with AB-Shutter3

AB-Shutter3 is a camera shutter button for smartphones.

AB-Shutter3 connects to the equipment with bluetooth.

AB-Shutter3 is sold at Daiso in Japan (as of 2017).

I made an electronic drum with AB-Shutter3.

When you press the AB-Shutter3 button, you will hear a sound from the MIDI connected software synthesizer.

First of all, please see the video.

AB-Shutter3 is connected to Raspberry Pi as a Bluetooth keyboard.

Raspberry Pi uses Node-RED.

Node-RED converts button event of AB-Shutter3 to MIDI signal.

Send the MIDI signal to the software synthesizer. The software synthesizer gives a sound to the speaker.

Step 1: Setting Up Raspberry Pi

1. Pairing AB-Shutter3 and Raspberry Pi

2. Install the software synthesizer on Raspberry Pi

Please use your favorite software synthesizer. I am using Qsynth in the video.

Step 2: Setting Up Node-RED

1. Install the AB-Shutter3 button node on Node-RED on Raspberry Pi

For details, please see the following.

2. Install the MIDI library

3. Write sample flow to Node-RED

  • Open "dram_node_example.json" with an editor.
  • Copy it to the clipboard.
  • Copy the flow to Node-RED (Node-RED Menu => Read => Clipboard).

Step 3: Setting Up Synthesizer

1. Set the drum sound of the GS sound source to Channel 1

2. Open the MIDI OUT node of Node-RED and specify the MIDI port of the synthesizer

Note: The name varies depending on the software.

Step 4: Performance

Let's play now. Respond to the following operations.

  • Large button click
  • Large button long press
  • Small button click
  • Small button long press

Step 5: To the End

Let's change it to your favorite sound.

Happy instructables.

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