Introduction: Electronic Rear View Mirror for Motor Bike

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It is an electronic rear mirror using smartphone.

you can see backside while ride bike.It works day or night & also can record video in your phone

lets start -

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Step 1: You Need to Make

1. Plastic Box ( small & big)
2. Double sided tape
3. Elastic
4. zip ties
5. smartphone & OTG cable
6. USB camera
7. Any USB camera app from play store
8. some screw

Step 2: Making & Setup

make a cabinet for Usb camera module using a small plastic box & place it on your motor bike's backside

with zip tie & double-sided tape.

similarly, make a smartphone holder using a 6inch sized plastic box

fix some elastic for holding your smartphone & install it on your bike's rearview mirror

you can use a mobile phone holder inserted of this plastic box

now connect camera USB to mobile via An otg cable

use any android or ios USB camera app to view & record whats happening when you are riding a bike

enjoy it

you can watch the making video on youtube