Electronic Ring

Introduction: Electronic Ring

Welcome to this instructable !

I will show you how to make this ring with a led.

You will need :

-a LED

-17/18/19 AWG copper wire

-31/32/33 AWG copper wire

-small insulated wire (I use a paperclip)

-aluminum tape

-universal glue

And some tools :

-soldering iron



Step 1: Prepare the Copper

First, you need copper. I use a 18 AWG copper wire.

Measure the circumference of your finger and cut the same length of wire.

The insulation must be removed.

Twist the copper so that it has the shape of your finger. You can use a round tube.

Take the lighter and pass the copper in the flame to give a gray effect and harden the metal.

File the ends to avoid injury.

Step 2: Attach the LED

Now we are going to fix the LED on the ring.

You can use all round LED, even those that do not work anymore.

Spread the wires of the LED and wind each wire on one end of the copper.

Take your soldering iron and weld each side with the least tin possible (do not use lead for objects in contact with the skin !).

Be careful that the ring is still the size of your finger.

When the LED is soldered, file the solder.

Step 3: Finish the Assembly

Now you have to do the details.

Take a small piece of insulated wire or a paperclip and wrap it around the copper from one weld to the next (12 to 15 turns).

You can use glue to fix the wire or you can solder it.

Then gently wrap some aluminum tape over the welds.

And finally wind very thin copper wire (I use 32 AWG) between the LED and the aluminum tape and fix it with glue.

Done !

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    3 years ago

    Interesting concept! Just wanted to point out a step in the process ... where you say to pass the copper over a lighter flame to darken and "harden" the copper.

    When you apply heat to copper, you're annealing it, not hardening it. If you heat it up until the metal turns red, you've successfully annealed it fully. This will make the copper much more pliable and bendy.

    If you wish to make it more stiff or rigid, you can hammer it with any type of hammer, whether it's a rubber hammer, brass, nylon or whatever is in your tool box. This is also a way to pattern the metal. The striking surface of your hammer will translate directly onto your metal.

    Another method to harden the copper is to draw it between your fingers while running through a polishing cloth.

    Happy Crafting!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Sorry to have written it like that, I'm French. I meant by hardening the copper make it more resistant to deformation (the copper wire I use is brittle). thank you for pointing out the mistake


    Reply 3 years ago

    Il est difficile de traduire des procédures dans différentes langues - je pense que nous pouvons tous nous rapporter à quelque chose dont les instructions ont été traduites si souvent dans différentes langues que vous êtes en train de lire quelque chose qui n'a aucun sens. lol À votre santé! Bonne fabrication! ps. Je ne suis pas français, j'ai utilisé Google Translate. J'espère que ça n'a pas dit quelque chose de bizarre sur moi!