Introduction: Electronic Xmas Tree

Hi! I would like to present my electronich xmas tree. I built this as decoration and I think it is very comapct and nice.

Step 1: Projecting and Routing.

First I have placed all components in EasyEDA and connect in right way as I showed on diagram. Next I converted the schematic to PCB and made board outline as tree. All componets I have placed on the board and routed tracks on PCB board.

Step 2: FlatCam

Next I saved my circuit board as Gerber and upload to FlatCam. I set up FlatCam and all tracks, holes and board outline. Gcode which generated FlatCam I uploaded to Candle and I started up to making my PCB. Sorry but I don't have movie from milling PCB.

Step 3: Soldering and Placing Components

So I placed all components on PCB and solder. Next I checked all connections betwean components. I was looking for short circutit but I didn't find. It means everything was good.

Step 4: Testing and Movie

At the end i tested my PCB so I connected power supply, everything were okay so i printed stand for tree. And here it is link for movie how it works.