Electronic Eraser Hacking




Introduction: Electronic Eraser Hacking

Hack an electronic eraser then use arduino or protosnap to control it.

Step 1: Step1: Open It Gently.

The reason why I say we should open it gently is because we want to keep all the sections safely survive and obviously to see where connect to where.

The tool for opening this eraser is only hand because it is designed to completely open to change the battery.

After you open it, there should be:

1, front case.

2, back case.

3, top case.

4, moto.

5, batteries.

6,battery connector.

Step 2: Step2: Connect It to Protosnap.

This step is actually a test step.

Connect your motor to VCC and GND to see if the motor works.

If it works, you can start your next step.


1, 2 Jumpers.

2, protosnap .

3, breadboard.

4, tape

5, micro USB

6, a computer

protosnap connect to breadboard.

VCC connect to + terminal on motor

GND connect to - terminal on motor(the metal case)

tape them.

to see if the motor will turn.

Step 3: Step3: Circuit

Same tools + a relay.

According to the schematic,

Battery, motor and part of relay connect as a series circuit.

pin 10 on protosnap, GND, and another part of relay connect as a series circuit.

Step 4: Theory

when power go through coil, the relay switch turns on.

So we use Protosnap to control the relay and use the relay to control the motor.

Step 5: Step4: Upload Arduino.

Get the code here.

copy and paste to arduino, then upload it by click upload.

Step 6: Step5: Processing

copy followed code to processing.

According to your serial port to choose port from /* port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600); */

the no. of the port to the number that replace [0].

Get your code here.

Step 7: Step6: Run.

When it successfully runs.

You will see the window.

Put your mouse on white, the motor turns on.

put your mouse on black, the motor turns off.


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    7 years ago

    Great application! I love making things do something they normally wouldn't do!