Introduction: Electronic Part Organizer - 3d Printed

I made this wall-mounted organizer for small electronics, like resistors.
It consist of two pieces; the base/holder and a divider.

I made this project with 123D Design, a free download is available at
It took me two hours or so to make and I guess it will take some hours to print depending on your settings. (I haven't tested it)

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To get the files click this link, it will send you to the thingiverse page I made

Step 1: The Base

To start, open a new project and create a box. The dimensions I used were: 100mm X 30mm X 5mm

Step 2: The Mounts 1

Next make a box on the long edge about 10 mm from the end. the box should be 10 X 5 X 10 mm.
Repeat this on the opposite site of the base. 

These little boxes will become the mounts for the base.

Step 3: The Holes 1

Now make a lot of circles, about 5 mm from each edge and 5 mm apart from each other.

The radius of the holes should be 0.5 mm.
This meant that the diameter is 1 mm and most parts won't fall through. 

If you want an other size hole, keep in mind that the radius is half the diameter.
If your component is 2 mm across, the radius should be smaller than 1 mm.

Step 4: The Holes 2

To turn the circles into holes use the "Press Pull" tool under modify and click on your circles. Then press "5" to set the depth of the cut to 5 mm or click on the arrow and push it down.

Step 5: The Grove

To make the grove, you need to make two squares on the side of the base.
First make a 2 mm high and 1 mm wide square.
Next make a 1 mm high and 2 mm wide square right underneath it.
The squares should be centered between the holes, as you can see in the picture.

Then, like in the previous step, use the "push pull" tool to make a cut of 25 mm.

Step 6: The Mounts 2

Now we will make holes in the mounts, that way you don't have to drill anything.

First make a circle with a radius of 2 mm. Place the circle in the center of the mount, but lower it about 1 mm for the second hole.
The second hole will have a radius of 0.5 mm and will be placed in the center above the first hole.

As before use the "Push Pull" tool to make a hole.

Step 7: The Devider

To make the divider start of with a 25 mm long box and make it 1 mm high and 2 mm wide.
Next build a box on top, it should be 25 mm long, 1 mm wide and about 5 mm high, make sure it is centered.

Step 8: Finishing

After you are done printing, you might need to sand some of the dividers and grooves down to make it fit.

Good luck!

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