Introduction: Electronics Craft Concert

The blog is about creating a concert model from electronics scrap. Previously i made some sculptures with brass and this is the first i am trying to make a live working model of my sculpture. I would like to share the video i made with model and some steps i followed while creating the concert model.

Step 1: Scrap Collection

I collected some electronic circuit boards from old electronics appliances like CRT monitors,televisions etc..

I collected components like:-

  • capacitors
  • resistors
  • electret microphones
  • ICs
  • relay modules
  • Transistors
  • Diode
  • some other strange components which seems useful

I purchased some leds, brass rods,batteries...etc from nearby electronics shop

I prefer to collect old electronic circuit boards because they have large components compared to new boards. Then i planned some models in mind and created a rough drawing. I created the platform with a wood plank.

Step 2: Creating the Concert Sculptures

I Created Musical Instruments,Speakers and human models to fill concert stage. Made a stage light with some brass rods and led, I cut the wooden plank to create the base. Then i fixed the models i created using the scrap electronics in the wooden base.

Step 3: Video and Photography

After creating the concert model i felt something missing. A concert should have some musics and lights. For making a live ambience i created some spot lights of different colours with led. Placed the model in a rotating base i shoot some videos while moving the spot lights and rotating the base. Edited the video clips to create a live concert video. You can watch the video in this link:-

Step 4: