Introduction: Electronics Soldering Mobile Workshop

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As occasional electronics enthusiasts, we like to solder kits, or try to repair things.

We do not have a dedicated place for soldering, and are each time chasing after our essential stuff:
  • The soldering iron
  • Small tools, multimeter
  • Parts and supplies
  • A good light
  • An extension cord
The inspiration and solution came with a toolbox including three drawers. (One got sacrificed.)
This post shows how it got turned into a mobile electronics workshop.

Step 1: Needed Stuff

  1. Cheap toolbox with drawers
  2. Mini neon light
  3. Power strip
  4. Extension chord
  5. Small hinges
  6. Aluminum bar
  7. Small bolts+washers+nuts (M3 is okay), or rivets

Step 2: Front Panel

Cut the plastic plate to size, to cover the front side (drawers). Install hinges, using small bolts+washers+nuts (M3 is okay), or rivets.

Bend and tighten an aluminum bar, that will serve as a bracket to maintain the front plate in open position, using the padlock holes.

Step 3: Neon Light

On the inner side of the front plate, install the brackets for the neon light.

When the front plate is folded down, the neon comes at the height of the middle (removed) drawer.

Step 4: Cables Compartment

In the top part, there is some room under the removable tools tray.

We'll use it for the power strip, and to store the extension cord.

The holes will allow the cable to go through the box. Another hole in the floor is for the soldering iron's cord.

Step 5: Parts Compartment

The top drawer is reserved for small parts.

One division is cut out, to allow the soldering iron's cord to pass.

Step 6: Tools Tray

The top removable tray is just used (unmodified) for tools.

Step 7: Bottom Drawer

The bottom drawer is used for the soldering iron.

Step 8: Finished Product

It's done. Enjoy !
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