Introduction: Electronics Projects Using Scavenged Parts

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Hi, since I made my first circuit board I used to scavenge electronic components to make my own boards.I take apart old electronics such as old pc power supply, old TV-s, etc.

I've just finished on DC power supply or voltage regulator, for my other project, and I didn't spend any money on the components, I also use old components for my arduino (DC motors, LED, switches, and etc).

Great way to save money, there is a chance that some of the components are not working but it never happened to me.

Scavenging doesn't require any special tools, you just need soldering iron, pliers.Sometimes I use gas powered soldering iron but it can burn components.

Harvesting parts is easy and with help of internet it is easy to find specification and datasheet.

As for the DC regulated power supply you will need:

-LM 7805

-2x0.33uF capacitor


I added LED to indicate if there is power, I will post new instructable that I also made from scavenging old electronics.

I hope that many of you who are interested in electronics are going to follow my example of scavenging old circuit board in effort to make new ones.