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This is more of a true show and tell than a step-by-step Instructable. I built this to match her existing furniture and it turned out to be one of the nicest pieces I ever made.

Step 1: First I Made the Legs

The first picture is the raw blocks of cedar, then I cut and trim them all to be the exact same dimensions and perfectly square. I then made a jig to create the blocks and chiseled all 16 sides by hand.

Step 2: Framing.

The frame was built with plywood and slats positioned at key locations to attach the bound MDF board.

Step 3:

Trim work. I took a bull nose bit attached to a die grinder to mdf and thinly sliced pieces of wood to get the pitted effect on the trim. I had a lot of build up to accomplish this.

Step 4: Painting

I took antique white oil based paint and automotive primer to get the distressed look. The trim was metallic gold and silver. lots of coats and sanding between coats.

Step 5: The Final Test.

The final test was to make sure it fit with the existing high end furniture in the room.

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