Introduction: Elegant Interchangeable Color Ambience Lamp. Using Dining Mats, Very Easy to Make.

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Hello Instructables Fellows,

I think I am being obsessed with lights and things which can be used to create awesome light effects. This time it is a very easy to make but elegant, stylish looking table ambience lamp. Believe me it's really easy. All you need is just some wooden or bamboo dining table mats :). And off-course its cheap :).

So lets get started.

Step 1: Stuff That You Will Need.

You would need following things to make this lamp:
  1. 1 Bamboo or wooden Dining table mat (I got them for 50Rs per piece, which is about a $), I was buying them for my home (See Image of my dining table) )when I got this idea. If you want to change the color according to your mood or situation then buy 2-3 colors, as you can see in the picture that I have got coral, green, yellow and coffee. You can find them in any super store that has home and furnishing section. Check Google.
  2. A round wooden plank. You can try thermocol or cardboard as well, I already had this piece. The important thing is base should be firm and stable so that lamp can stand straight.
  3. A tiny binder clip.
  4. Some electric cord with bulb holder.
  5. 2 embroidery rings (we would need the outer rings, keep the inner rings safe, you never know they could be used in some other lamp.) IMPORTANT: Choose the embroidery rings first and then get the wooden plank  (or cut it) such that the ring fits round wooden plank. You may find it difficult doing the opposite which is to find a ring that matches the wooden plank size.
  6.  A screwdriver.
  7. household drill (Sorry not in the picture).  If wood is not your choice, probably you would not need this.

Once you have the required stuff, lets get started by first building the base of our lamp in the next step.

Step 2: Building the Base of the Lamp

Pick the wooden base and do as follows:
  1. Drill a small hole in the center of the circle. The depth should be about 1/2 inch (My wooden plank is about 1 inch thick). See Image 1.
  2. Drill a passage from the side of the circle such that it opens in the middle hole (Image 2).
  3. Insert the wire from the side hole and take it out from the middle hole (Image 3).
  4. Fix the bulb holder using screws and your base is ready (Image 4)
  5. Test the holder using a bulb to ensure if connected properly.
You can choose to connect  electric cord the way you want. I just thought adding it this way will maintain the aesthetics of the lamp  and it will look neat :)

Lets wrap the lamp with mat in next step.

Step 3: Wrap Up Mat and Wrap Up the Project :)

To complete the making of your lamp, just do the last few steps as follows:
  1. Take 2 the embroidery ring and make them loose.
  2. Unfold mat, wrap it around the base and encircle the arrangement using the embroidery ring. See Image 1.
  3. Slide the ring at the bottom (Image 2 ).
  4. Now stretch the mat gently so that the two ends touches each other. While you do this take somebody's help to tighten the ring. (Image 3). There will be gap at the top of the lamp, so stretch the mat a little from top and use the tiny binder clip join the two ends.
  5. Insert the other ring as shown in (Image 4). This is only for aesthetics, if you don't like it, skip this step. I feel its adds to beauty.
Light up!!!  Elegant and Beautiful. Isn't it?

I told you it was easy. Congratulations!!

Since we have not done anything to fix the mats permanently like gluing etc. You can change the mats as often as you want by simple unscrewing the ring and removing the binder clip.

Check out the main image where I experimented with various colors.

Thank you for taking time to read this iBle, if you like it please vote for me in the contests or by clicking the Vote button at the top right of this page. (If the button is not yet visible, please come back after 24 hours, I would really appreciate it)

Check out my other lamp projects if you are interested in lights :).
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