Introduction: Elegant Touch Instant Manicure Nails - How to REUSE Them

I am not a beauty guru of any sort and definitely not a nail expert, just a girl who likes to create stuff and DIYs whatever she can. I usually don't even paint my nails as they take too much time to dry and I don't have that time - I HAVE TO create! :)

That's why I opted for artificial nails and these Elegant Touch Instant manicure nails did the job well.

I wish they could stay on forever, but that was never going to happen(especially with me doing my crafty bits and bobs), so before throwing them away, I had a second thought... Oh yea! Let's reuse them! :) And so I did... and of course I wanted to share how to re-use them my way.

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Step 1: You Can Watch My Video Tutorial Here

You can watch my video tutorial here or read written instructions in the next steps. Or both :)

Step 2: What's Needed

You will need: Elegant touch Instant manicure nails or I guess any other Instant manicure artificial nails - surely they all work on the same principle!

Adhesive tabs for nails - mine were from Nailene:

Possibly some rubbing alcohol and nail correction pen

Step 3: Clean the Used Nails

Once you take the old nails off, the glue will stop being tacky and they will not stick to your nails any more.

We need to get rid of the old glue first. The way I did it was simply by scraping and pulling it until I removed it completely. Hold the nail by the tip, it's much stronger and will not get damaged easily.

Make sure the nails are completely clean from that old glue, as they would not look good once you stick them on.

If you find any of the nails tacky on the top, just gently use a nail correction pen and that will get rid of it.

Step 4: Apply Tabs and Finish Your Manicure

Then get your tabs and once you worked out what sizes you are going to use, stick them on the nails.

Add a little bit of rubbing alcohol on your nail prep wipe if it dried out. Mine did :)

All right and now i's time to finish your manicure, so stick on your new nails and go somewhere where you can show them off before you have to repeat this whole process again! :)