Introduction: Classy Neck Warmer

This is one of the prettiest scarf I have ever made with felt.A little bit of mother of pearl effect sequins attched here and there makes it really elegant for an evening wear and can be worn to office too.You can use the sewing machine or hand sew it.I did it by hand because I am quick and need not sit in one place in front of the sewing machine.I did this with the balance piece of felt I had.With bits and pieces of scrap felt material you can do the flowers.You need the length for the scarf.So there is a possibility to join in the middle or even in front .The flowers will cover the joins.So all what you need is about 1/2 meter felt in pieces.

Step 1: Requirements

1/2 meter Felt -This can be even scarp pieces
Needle and matching thread
Top pins
Mother of pearl effect small sequins (not the meium size -Tiny ones)

Step 2: Cut

Start by cutting your long scarf piece.I had only one meter  felt which was a left over piece.I took the  full length of 39'' and the width was 5 could certainly make it longer or shorter depending how long you like to wear your scarf.( Then you need to adjust the number of flowers you make.)For 39 inches scarf  I need 12 flowers.
To be on the safe side cut out a paper template with scallopes on both sides  to the measurement of the scarf.Place it over the scarf and cut the scallop around the edge on  your scarf piece.(This just adds fulness of your flowers)

Step 3: Circle Cutting

First cut out your paper templates in circles .Do not spend time cutting out perfect circles.Imagine how a rose petal would be?

A few curvy cut here and there would be fine.Place them over the felt and cut around it.If you like deep looking petals,cut deeper
scallops.If you want a subtle look,cut shallow scallops.I like a mixture of both.

For a 39'' length  scarf you need 12 flowers.But I made one extra flower to make the scarf longer.

Now cut out 13 of each size.After cutting them I shaped them a little bit on the edges.
The largest petal size is 4 1/2'' in width.The smallest petal is 1 1/2'' in width

Step 4: Assemble the Flowers

Stack your five largest circles the largest petal being in the bottom. With the knotted needle and thread come up through the stack of circles just off center.(Pic 1)Now go back down through the stack about  1/2 an inch away on the other side of center.(Pic 2)

From the bottom pull very tight ,you will see this gathers your flower up.(Pic 3 4 and 5)
Fold your flower in  half with the  gather and make another stitch right over pulling it very tight.(pic 6)Watch out !! Do not break the thread.

From the bottom fold the flower in half and make another stitch.By pulling very tight makes the gathers and forms a beautiful flower.
Tie a few  strong knots,but do not cut your thread.

Step 5: Middle Bud

Take your smallest circle and gather it together.You can do this a number of ways,but an easy way is to just fold it in half,then fold it in half again.Hold it in place where you want it on  the center of your flower.Oh isn't this so cute?

Now stitch up from the bottom and grab that center piece at it's point.Secure it with a second stitch.Pull very tight and tie a strong and secure knot.Cut thread and your flower is completed.

Step 6: 13 Flowers

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures.The flowers turned out very well ,unfortunately it does not show up very well with mobile photograping. :(

Step 7: Assemble Flowers on Scarf

Line up all your flowers on your long scarf piece with the bottom layer of each flower over lapping a bit.This is what gives it the fullness.

Since my scarf length was only 39'' I placed the two flowers on both ends 1 1/2 ''(on each flower) out on the scaf so that it makes the scaf longer by 3''.If you have enough material in length then you can place them on the exact end of the scarf.
Now the length of my scarf is 42''.

Once you set all 13 flowers where you like them pin only the bottom layer of each flower to the scarf.
Stitch a small,but tight circle through the bottom layer of the scarf and flower.Knot tightly .Cut the thread as you finish attaching  each flower,and start new with the next flower.

Step 8: Sew Sequins

The fun part is sitting  in front of the t.v and to  sew the sequins.I am pretty fast in hand sewing.It is always better to sew the sequins once the flowers are attatched to the scarf ,so that you know where to sew them.Oh! after sewing the sequins the scarf looked even more prettier.

Step 9: Over Lapping

Step 10: Amazing

Admire the beautiful hand made  scarf .
Sad my photographs didn't turn out very well.Specially to show the roses.
Thank you for taking time to view my Ible and I know for sure that you are going to click and VOTE  for this because it has touched your heart and you like it.

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