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Introduction: Eleictric Scooter!

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Now I have an eleictric scooter! And I'm going to tell you how to build it! If you like what I build please subscribe to me! I thought I shoud tell you that I'm enter this in to the  Epilog Challenge  so if you like this vote for it!

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

This is the list of stuff that you will need:
2 alligator clips,
tool box Storage  thing,it has to be little,
battery 18v or 7.2,
A eleictric motor  18v or 7.2v,
 A small wheel or bearing,
solder gun and solder,
 hot glue gun and hot glue sticks,
a drill and drill bits,
A coper  clamp that will fit over your motor,
Small bolts ,and nuts,
A knife,

Step 2: Wheel

Get your wheel (Just to let you know I have not found a permanent  way to mont the wheel.)so what I have been doing is wraping ducttape around the spindle then smashing the wheel on or Put hot glue on the spindle  the I put the wheel on before the glue drys. What ever one you want to do is up to you! What I tolled about the way I put the wheel on is pretty much how to put the wheel on.But just incase I will tell you how just incase! Know this how you do the hot glue way put hot glue around the spindle the hurry up and put your wheel on! Know for the duct tape way warp small strips around the spindle three should be enough (depends on the size of the hole in your wheel) Then samsh the wheel on with a hammer!The if you do not have a wheel the take a bearing and cover the bearing with glue then wait till it drys then do the same to the other side then you have a wheel.

Step 3: Drill

Frist we will drill holes in the scooter  so you can bolt stuff down.    Put the motor in the coper clamp then put it face down   on the back of the scooter make sure the wheel is tuching the other wheel.Then the holes on the clamp   well drill a hole were the clamps hole is.                                                                      

Step 4: Holes

Drill a hole in your tool Storage box (Make sure it is like the size of  your bolt)so can bolt it down. Drill it like at the front of the box. The make sure you line the back of the Storage box with the back of the scooter.So the hole that you drill in your box now you should see the scooters  Platform  mark it the drill your next hole there.

Step 5: Cut!

Take your knife ,and if your bottom of your box is tuching your back wheel the part out that is tuching your back wheel.

Step 6: More Cutting!

Now we need to cut the spot for the motor put the back of the motor  ageist  the side of the box the drew a out line of the motor on the side the cut it out.

Step 7: Drill Holes

Now you know the hole we drill in the front of the box face it down and make sure you have it lined up with the back then mark were the hole is in the front of the  box  on the scooter floor. then drill a hole the size of your bolt were the mark is.

Step 8: Holes ,holes

Drill two holes big enough to fit your wires in.

Step 9: Wires

Take one wire and hook it up to a spot on the motor then the other end of the wire  hook up the alligator clip.Then take a wire and hook it up to the other end of the motor then have the other end of the wire go the  switch so solder that on then have a wire solder to the other part of the switch then the other end of the wire will go to the battery so hook the other alligator clip and make sure before you put the alligator clips on you push the wires through the holes that you drill for them.

Step 10: Glue!

OK now just glue the switch were you want it!

Step 11: Done!!!

OK your done!! go test ride it and if the wheel spins back the just switch the battery wires.
Paint it,
add new grips,

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