Introduction: EleksMaker Diy Ready TO Assemble Desktop CNC Machine

About: i am a maker.

I do have 3D printers never thought about a cnc for creating things But i had the chance to Review this machine from I have milled wood gears made small signs and other engravings with the cnc.

Step 1: What You Will Need

This is the kit i received, Here is the link below

Thats it this kit has everyting you need to make it including tools, USB cable and engraving bits. all in the box. It's very well packed. but there is no instruction in the box you will need to find them on banggoods website product page in the description, a link to the build instruction with a good set of pictures to follow, i found it very simple to put together.

Step 2: The Build

Frame of this CNC is made out of aluminum profiles and acrylic that are simple to build looks good and makes a strong sturdy frame.
I start building this frame you can see in the pictures the main video shows a time lapse of the build process

Step 3: GRBL Settings

found it hard to find the firmware settings it took me some time searching the Internet so this may help some.

I used the Grbl controller gcode sender software and theres are the settings that i used you can see in the photos.

Step 4: Using the CNC Wood Carving Milling Wood Gears

in the video you will see i had a problem with my computer, in the end i did complete the carving and it came out very well as you can see in the picture.

been making wood gears for a project i am working on and am very happy how they came out

Step 5: Laser Engraver

This also comes with a 500mw laser as well as the spindle motor will update this part once i have some pictures and video.

Step 6: Conclusion

It is precise, I tested it so far only on wood, perspex and made 4 small pcb's and it works very good.

Delivery was very quick, and it is well made - everything fits well.

It's very simple and quite intuitive to build if you look at the pictures Very pleased altogether and exactly what I was looking for to experiment with.
Overall it's good for small projects.