Introduction: Elephant Pencil Holder

This took a group of about six 8-11 year-old's about 75 minutes to each complete their own project.


Template printed on paper or card stock
Cereal Box
Styrofoam plate


Rubber Band

Step 1: Elephant.PDF Template

Print out the template and cut out the elements, leaving a white border around each piece.

Step 2: Glue the Pieces to Cardboard

We used cereal boxes, gluing to the the printed side of the box, so the interior of the pencil holder would be brown.

Do not glue the elements over the folds of the box.

Let dry, if not completely, then 10-15 minutes.

Cut out elements, removing the white border, leaving only blue outlines. Do NOT cut off the tabs on the rectangle pieces.

Step 3: Trace Ear, Face and Trunk Elements Onto Styrofoam Plate

The plate will act as spacers to give the face of the elephant a little more dimension.

Cut out the inside of what you traced, so the Styrofoam is smaller than the element. Glue and use clothespins to apply pressure.

Step 4: Fold Body/Box

Start with the tabs , then the seams on either side of the square on the last two pieces.

Glue the pieces together like in the second picture.

Step 5: Lay Out and Glue Face

While the base of the box dries, layout the face of you elephant.

Once you decide on layout, glue the face to the ears and the nose to the face.

Use Clothespin if you like to apply pressure. Set Aside to dry

Step 6: Finish Box

Glue tabs and affix to adjacent wall on the inside.

Use clothespin to hold corner in place. Repeat on remaining corners.

Turn over box and put a rubber band to apply pressure to lower corners and base.

Step 7: Attach Face

Move Clothespins out of the way and glue the face in place where you like it.

Return clothespins to support corners and use another pin to hold face in place.

Let dry overnight.

Color in an cracks or scars in the paper with blue marker.


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