Introduction: Elephant and Turtle on Battle Field

Long long time ago an elephant named Gaja, was in all in his youth and majesty powerful, claimed himself King of the world. One day he found an old turtle, Kasu, sitting silently, his eyes closed meditating. Gaja with his grand trunk rumbled at the Kasu and ordered him to bow in front of him and hence forth he put his faith in him. Kasu was an knowledgeable turtle, he held his patience. Gaja angered by this lifted Kasu with his trunk and threw him in the air. Majestically land on the Earth, Kasu took his position and stood in an defensive posture. And now the war begins !!!

Step 1: Ideation

An abstract form of turtle was chosen by brainstorming.

Both elephant and turtle have a natural strong armor. Turtle with its strong exterior and Elephant with its ivory teeth.

Finally I arrived at these forms.

Step 2: Material

6" X 4" X 4" of wood

10" X 8" MDF sheet

Sand paper

Step 3: Tools

Hand saw




Step 4: Mark the Cut Out the Negative Portion

Mark the desired shape on the pieces and cut it with hand saw or an all cut.

Step 5: Chizzle and Sand

Now chizzle out the hollow part of both elephant and turtle.

Now sand each elephant and turtle and apply wax for a shiny and smooth surface.

Cut the MDF sheet in desired shape and sand it at a few places.

Your Knights are ready for battle !!!

Step 6: Final

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