Introduction: Elucidator and Dark Repulsor Swords (Sword Art Online) (+Swords Instruction)

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Hey there everyone.
I never ever worked with Wood... NEVER.
That means if i finished this work, you may do it better.

I finished Elucidator and started Dark Repulsor, just need some Paint and little grind here and there.
It looks very well!

Maybe i can do a full Cosplay :)
I just really the EASIEST and FASTEST Way to do it.
Hope u'll enjoy this one.

With with Instruction, you can easily do EVERY "non-Round" Sword you want :)

Step 1: Dimensions Aka. Measurements

How big should your Sword be?
Kiritos height is about 172 cm.
and his Swords about 130 cm.

If you want the Swords perfect fits your height:
130/172 = 0.75581395348

for every 1cm of your OWN Height, add 0,75 cm for the Sword.

If your 1m tall (I bet this Personen exist :D) your sword would be 75 cm.

1,5 m would mean a 112.5cm Sword.

My Sword is about 132cm.
Guess my Height ;D

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting (simply)

For this step, you have two Options:

Drawing the Sword on Wood (If your good in Drawing) Thats the fastest Way.
or Print it out, cut it out and draw the shape.

I used the first one.
And then simply cut it out with whatever you like.
It should look like this in the Picture.

(Sry, i dont have Pictures of this Step, but its very simple)

Step 3: Add Third Dimension.

So, we cut out the Sword.
We need the 3D of it.

Can you Remember how it look like?

Draw it like you drew the Sword and just Glue it over where it belongs.

Step 4: Rasping = Nearly Finished!

Simple and Time taking:

Just Rasp the edges off your Sword so its get "sharp".

Rasp it like you're happy with it.

Dont forget:
Less is more!
If you rasped too much, you can just recue it with trowel.
I recommend to rasp a little less then needed.

Step 5: Just Paint and Your Finished!

First off, i know my Instructions looks kindish and too simple, but thats the way i did it.
In most cases, im more Creative then my Friends, so i need more steps and time to make the same i did.
But its pretty simple.

And i think its look Awesome!

I used just Black and Grey Coating.

Step 6: Finished My Project

We can add i little bit for the Handle.
I wrapped Isolation Tape around it...

Yeah, this is kinda Simple.

There you can see my Elucidator and "Dark Repulsor is made in the EXACT same Way!
BOTH Swords has the same length. 

Step 7: Thank You and Enjoy!

I hope i helped someone with this Instructions.

This was my first ever :)

Leave a Comment and Enjoy.

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