Introduction: Ema's Elephant

This is an Instructable on how to make a cute little crocheted elephant. It's made of nine basic parts. It's really easy I made this pattern up a week after my mom taught me how to crochet. The parts include one trunk, one head, two ears, one body four knobby feet, and a tenth piece is an optional tail. I got my inspiration for this project from Heather the Hippo made with Lion Brand's Wool ease.

Ema's Elephant Pattern-

Single Crochet, I or J size hook, yarn needle, lion brand yarn of your choice.

Trunk-Chain 14, go up 15 rows sew together hotdog style close ends up

Head-Chain 36, go up 8 rows, sew together hamburger style, close ends up

Ears-Chain 21, go up 4 rows crochet one side of bottom row meets other side of bottom row.

Body-Chain 26, go up 20 rows, sew together hamburger style, close ends up.

Feet-Chain 13, go 13 rows up, Sew together hamburger style, close up ends.

Tail-Crochet right onto bottom of elephant, chain 5, only go back on two stiches instead of all 5 to give it the ball look on end.