Introduction: Embellished Wood Door: It RULES!

I recently built a new voice over booth in my home, and while I had a solid core door that was treated for sound insulation on the inside, I wanted to "thicken" it a bit, to give it more substance. I also really wanted to do a unique collage using various scrap pieces of wood I've had lying around, as well as vintage advertising yardstick rulers I have been holding onto for this sort of project.

Here's what I came up with!


  • Various advertising yardstick rulers - the more colorful, the better (for me, anyway!)

  • Various thin wood scraps, different heights

  • Wood Glue

  • a saw to cut the wood as needed

Step 1: BEFORE: Boring Door

I had a boring white door (with a window, but still...pretty bland!)

I wanted to make it thicker and more unique...

Step 2: DURING: Gluing and Sawing!

This basically was like a visual puzzle. I cut pieces to fit the recessed part of the door - sometimes, fitting a few pieces together to create a cohesive row, using wood glue to affix them. I evenly spread wood glue all along the side of the wood/rulers that were getting attached to the door. At first, I started at the top and worked my way down, then I went to the bottom working my way up, until the rows met in the middle. The hardest part, were the smaller pieces on either side of the window.

I created a few smaller details within the door, like creating Scrabble like tiles with letters (like my voice over company name, the languages I speak, etc...); Prior to this project, I also made the double paned glass window and embedded more vintage ruler pieces between the 2 glass panes (a whole other Instructable I may do at another time!), to keep the theme going.

Step 3: It RULES!

Super happy with the finished product. It was easy to do, really made a difference with the thickness of the door, and looks totally unique! The acoustics in there are GREAT.

Thanks for looking at my Instructable and keep creating!

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