Introduction: Embossed Metal Box

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A friend of mine had to reboot the server at her job several times and stated she wished she could approach it as a meditation so I decided I would make her a "Server Reboot Meditation Box" using some stuff I had as well as some stuff I didn't. I think it turned out well and it was relatively easy.

Step 1: The Goods...


• Metal Repair Tape -- This is a great metal tape that is super malleable as well as self-adhesive with a paper backing.
• Some sort of box -- I used a nice, wooden cigar box. Use what you have on hand.
• A ballpoint pen -- I had a stack of potential tools but ended up using a good ol' ink pen.

Not pictured...

• A pair of heavy scissors
• Something to line the inside of the lid -- I cut a rectangle from an old vinyl album cover
• Possibly some different items to use to trace for shapes in your design -- I used some bottles, skeleton keys, large coins for circles... You get the idea.
• Some sort of tape (clear or masking) -- This will allow you to tape the strips together to make a sheet for the lid of the box.
• Optionally, I also added some Milagros to my box as decoration.
• Inside? Anything you want!

Step 2: Embossing the Tape...

Embossing this tape is super easy. You don't have to push very hard and the tape holds the shapes you inscribe fairly well. As I noted earlier, the thing that worked best for me was a ballpoint pen. I started by lining in my shapes on the papered side of the tape. Once you have a goodly bit of that done, you turn it over and trace around the now-raised design that you've just created. I chose to then color in the negative space to create a nicer contrast... this also added some ink in places which adds even more to the effect.

I cut one long piece to wrap around the sides but treated each section/side as a separate drawing. I just doodled my way along, included a word on the front, and just random line designs around the rest.

For the top, I cut enough strips that, when taped together, were large enough to cover the lid plus have overlap on the three, non-hinged sides. I drew the design so that it crossed the places where the strips met so that there would be continuity. I wanted the lid to look like a cohesive piece.

Step 3: Stick It, Yo'!

I wrapped the sides, which were the same depth as the tape... that's the reason I picked this box from the many. Once that was done, I applied the lid covering one strip at a time so that it was right up against the seam in the back and so that it wrapped around to the inside on the remaining three edges.

This left the tops of the sides that the lid fit into to be covered, so I cut a strip of tape in half lengthwise for this part and applied embossed design to 2/3rds of it such that there was 1/3 of it plain that I could then blend into the embellishment on the sides. You can hardly see the overlap because of this.

Step 4: Covering Up the Ends of the Tape From the Outside of the Lid...

I have a stack of album covers from some $1 finds that I used to make bowls with over the holidays. This one seemed good for this project.

I cut out the image on the front to line the inside.

I used rubber cement on the back of the cardboard as well as inside the lid to secure it. So far it's stayed put. Fingers crossed.

Step 5: My Milagros...

These are very optional, but I used them so I thought I would include how I did that.

I don't have the proper fasteners for these and I was attaching them to a very thin board. So, I cut off some straight pins about 1/4 inch from the head. I pre-drilled holes where I wanted to attach each piece and then dropped some super glue into the hole, lined up the piece, and pushed the pins into the holes. Be careful where you get the super glue. The Krazy Glue brand I used degraded the metal of the tape a bit, but nothing horrid.

Step 6: Tada!

Fill the box with whatever makes sense for your purposes or just gift it empty for someone else to decide what goes inside.