Embroidered Dog Bandana

Introduction: Embroidered Dog Bandana

This instructable outlines the steps in order to create a personalized embroidered bandana for your dog!

We'll be taking a cheap white bandana from Walmart and turning it into a fashion statement for your furry friend using the wonderful medium of embroidery!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

1. Brother Embroidery Machine

2. Black thread for embroidery machine

3. "Rose Corner" Design from embroiderydesigns.com (link: https://www.embroiderydesigns.com/productdetails/j...

4. White bandana (this one was a very cheap one from the craft section in Walmart)

5. Small sewing scissors

6. Embroidery needles (I used a no. 8 needle for the hand embroidery section) and needle threader

7. Embroidery floss in selected colors (I used DMC brand in colors 352 and 304 and J. & P. Coats brand in color 00106)

8. Embroidery hoop

9. Water soluble marker

10. Knowledge of a couple basic hand embroidery stitches (split stitch and lazy daisy)

Step 2: Embroider the Rose Design

Take the bandana out of the packaging, smooth it out, and put it into the hoop of the brother machine, tightening until the material becomes taut. Try to position the bandana where the needle will embroider close to the corner of the tip of the bandana.

Download your design in the format of .dst file from embroiderydesigns.com and load this file onto the machine. Thread the embroidery machine and start it, making sure no fabric gets caught in the machine as it embroiders. When it is done, clip the excess string off using the scissors and remove the fabric from the machine hoop.

Step 3: Prepare the Bandana for Hand Embroidery

Place the fabric into the hand embroidery hoop of an appropriate size, and tighten it so the fabric is taut. Using the water soluble marker, write the dog's name you want embroidered onto the fabric in the desired place.

Thread your needle using a needle threader by placing the needle on the threader, threading the thread through the hoop, and pushing the needle onto the thread off the threader. Tie the end farthest away from the needle into a small knot.

Step 4: Hand Embroider the Outline You Made

Using a split stitch, go over the outline of the name you wrote. Using a lazy daisy stitch and a couple different colors of thread, make several flowers in chosen places around the name. Make sure to tie off your thread before it gets too short, and cut off excess thread using scissors.

Step 5: Fold Bandana and Tie It/ Put It on Your Dog!

Fold the cloth in half with the embroidered corner pointing down, and fold the top a couple of times. Tie the top corners together around the neck of your dog. You're done! Enjoy your furry friend's new accessory!

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    3 years ago

    What a sweet project for your dog!