Introduction: Embroidered Journals

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Journals are meant to be personal, so why not create your own personal journal. I made my own by embroidering its cover and stitch binding it myself. Have a look:

Step 1: You Will Need

Paper – printer paper for inner sheets and card paper for the cover (I used a4 size paper)

General stationary

Embroidery threads and needles

Step 2: Draw Cubes

This design is a Japanese Sashiko design. To start draw a cube pattern to the front cover.

Step 3: Vertical Stitch

Then embroider vertically as shown. This pattern follows ABBABBA.

Step 4: Horizontal Stitch

For the horizontal stripes follow the pattern ABBABAABABB.

To add some colour to the design I made some small crosses at the center.

Step 5: Time for Binding

Once the cover is ready lay the inner sheet on the cover page so that the design is facing away from the inner sheets.

Step 6: Pierce Holes

Pierce seven holes through the sheets.

Step 7: Binding Stitch

Bind the pages to the cover, as shown the in the images.

Step 8: Carry It Around

I similarly created another cover with a white light bulb.

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