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Introduction: Embroidered Notebook Covers

This instructable combines string art, embroidery and geometry. I opted for geometric theme, but there are many other options. You can find a lot of different patterns online, just look for string art examples. To complete this project, all you need is a notebook, compass, protractor, ruler, embroidery floss or doubled thread, needle, superglue and scotch tape. If you don't want to play around with instruments, you can just print out a pattern and use it as a guide.

Step 1: How It's Done

Cut out your ready pattern and place it on top of your notebook, if you are satisfied with the placement, use few pieces of tape to secure the drawing to the cover. Open the notebook and flip it upside down, so you don't punch through pages. Use a needle, pin or protractor to create holes in appropriate spots. Thread embroidery floss through the first hole and secure the end with a dab of superglue and tape. Begin threading the rest once superglue is dry. When your embroidery is done, use the same method to secure the remaining end of embroidery floss.

Step 2: Pattern 1

This one is the simplest pattern, doesn't require any tools to draw it, except for checkered paper. You can make the holes spaces as wide or as tight as you want. To embroider it properly, just follow the numbers on the chart.

Step 3: Pattern 2

For this one you will need to draw a circle and mark 24 spots placed 15° apart. Then, you mark the tips of three triangles, each 120° apart from each other.

Step 4: Pattern 3

Three different patterns, can be applied separately or together, one in top of another, each pattern different color. Just follow the numbers.

Step 5: Pattern 4

Step 6: Pattern 5

This one is a variation of the first embroidered notebook, except it's a smaller version and has to be repeated at least 8 times. You can make it more dense and draw more arms if you want to.

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    20 days ago on Step 6

    This is great. I love cool notebooks, gut this elevates it to a new level. thanks for sharing


    1 year ago

    In Step 6 Pattern 5, this reminds me of the paper pinwheels we used to make when we were kids. All we needed was a square of paper, a pair of scissors, a pin and either a drinking straw or the eraser end of a pencil. Very fond memories. These are very beautiful designs. They also bring back memories of a toy we used to play with called a spirograph. These could be embroidered on a number of other items. I think a leather or denim purse would look nice. Step 2, Pattern 1 would look cute with a little spider added. I will be saving these instructions. Thank-you for posting them.


    Question 1 year ago

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