Introduction: DIY: Rope Bracelet

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Ever made rope? Like bracelets? Then this might be your ultimate bracelet for the next little while. Super simple, and super lovely. Click on to see how to make this! :)

Step 1: Ingredients

To start off, you really only need two things. Some embroidery thread of any colour and a pair of scissors!

Step 2: Double Up

With your embroidery thread, double up.

By doubling up, I really mean fold it in half over and over and over again until you have a length that is double the circumference of your wrist with around two inches of extra thread to give your bracelet a little bit of room. Keep in mind, that the extra two inches will also help you with tying a lot to secure your bracelet.

Step 3: Twist

With a length that double the circumference of your wrist (and the extra two inches!) start twisting the thread in one direction. Twist repeatedly until your thread starts to roll in/coil on itself. Keep in mind that the whole length of the thread needs to roll in on itself! At this point, start to fold the length in half - you'll see the coils even better here.

If you have any lumps, tug on the end of the bracelet where there aren't any loose ends. It should smooth them out.

Some tips:

  • Secure one end of the thread, and start twisting! Continue to twist even after you see your thread start to coil - this will make sure that all your thread is being coiled when you start to fold it in half.

Step 4: Knot

Using the end with the loose ends, secure the bracelet with a knot. In the picture, my bracelet started to uncoil, but you can easily fix this once your knot is in place. Cut the loose ends closer to the knot if you wish. Here, I just decided to cut out the remaining loops and give any loose threads around the knot a trim.

Step 5: Clasp?

Using your fingers (I'm using a tiny crochet hoops in the pictures) pry open the the coiled end, then place the knot through there. And voila! A clasp!

You can then trim the loose ends closer to the knot to make it look a little more unified or leave them as is to give the bracelet a unique flair depending on how you like it.

Now, for those of you that have an uncoiling end like I did in the last step, here's how you fix it!

  • Once your knot goes through your clasp, start twisting that end of the "rope". This only works if it's in the clasp as the tight coil holds the knot in place, preventing the end from going the other way.

That's my tutorial on a embroidery rope bracelet! Let me know how it goes for you. ^^

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