Introduction: Emergency Cocktail for New Years Eve

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Quick and Easy Whiskey Sour.  

Ran out of time? Need something to take to that party but cant be bothered spending loads and lugging 3 - 4 individual bottles? I have the drink for you !!! From the co-inventer (not actually associated in any way) of the Kitten Mittens! 

The No Fuss Whiskey Sour!

Step 1: Start

Get glass

Step 2: Ice

This is, arguably, the most important step in any good drink. The ice, yes the ice. Starting with the highest quality ice possible is essential, and the difference between a good and great cocktail.  

It doesn't have to be shaped in Titanic and iceberg shapes, but it does help. Some will forgive a taste of chlorine if it's decorative.

Step 3: Giv'em Three of Your Best

Three fingers of whiskey over the ice. 

I get a very reasonable drop of Grant's from Trader Joe's for USD$11.99. I think this price is restricted to California. As when I was in Boston earlier this year is was 30 bucks !? and TJ's didn't even have it.

Step 4:

Add sour (Trader Joe's Lemonade) to taste 

Next step is to drink it, or combine it into a bigger bottle for transport .

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! burp hic 

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