Emergency Drinking Water Kit




Introduction: Emergency Drinking Water Kit

This instructable shows how to use everyday items to make a water purifying container for emergencies. It is good for a situation where you might be stranded or just without water in any emergency. It starts with just a few items that you probably already have around the house.

Step 1: Materials

Things you will need to make an emergency water bucket:

1) A 5-gallon bucket or another similar sized container
2) A small towel or rag (in an emergency this could be a shirt or a rag also)
3) A cup or a smaller container that will fit easily inside the larger container or bucket
4)A plastic tarp or a large piece of plastic rap
5)A bungee cord, paracord, or other tie that fits around the larger container
6) A rock, about 1-2 inches in diameter, or another small, weighted object such as a few bolts or bolt nuts.

Step 2: How to Build the Kit

Putting the bucket kit together is very easy. It works by evaporation.

First, get the towel very wet and place it in the bottom of the larger container, wrapped around the bottom with a space in the center.

Place the smaller container in the middle of the towel.

Then, cover the larger container with the plastic and tie the outside to keep it sealed.

Place the rock (or another small, weighted object) in the center of the plastic directly above the smaller container.

The water from the towel will evaporate onto the plastic and drip off of the point that drops down because of the rock. This works the best in hot weather. The water that ends up in the cup will be much cleaner than the water stored in the towel since water leaves behind dirt and sediments when it evaporates.

See the introduction picture or the next slide for a diagram on how to put the kit together.

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Step 3: The Diagram.

Use the diagram as a reference if you need help putting the water bucket together.

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    Parthiv Joshi

    can u suggest any other method in which we can produce water more fastly

    waiting for your answer


    8 years ago on Introduction

    good conceptual build, in the initial "struggle" phase with physical activities and loss of water to evaporation of sweat, urine, or injury, you want a way to purify around a gallon of water per day. Both of the solar stills provide a mouthfull of water, which is better than none, but it will not be long before you are dehydrated beyond recovery. Any idea how large of a build you would need to run a gallon daily?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It would have to be impossibly large to get a gallon a day out of this style of solar still. The design above can be improved by using a dark colored towel and bucket to improve heating.

    If you've set aside time to construct a home water still, then something like this could be used to greater effect:


    Or I guess you could just use a ton of buckets.


    8 years ago

    Before taking the top off tap it a few times to get and drops on the top to make their way into the cup. The reason we need to purify water isnt necessarily because it may be dirty, but because it can have nasty bacterias and viruses in it. Evaporation leaves those pathogens behind and creates pure water.


    8 years ago

    a solar still now that gives me an idea