Introduction: Emergency Fan Power Unit (EFPU)

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Hey guys. This is a cool fan project that I did in the summer of 2008 that I called the EFPU. It was built with the main purpose of serving as a backup system for personal cooling and as a night light in the event of a power failure which happens quite frequently especially during the night. Having a few part lying around, this project was inevitable. So, I guess you can say this was born from a necessity. On a later modification, I renamed it model J143-200 because I thought it sounded more commercial. I also printed my name on the 'product' like any manufacturer would for self confidence and to feel proud of my small accomplishment. At the time I did not take photos of the step-by-step process it when through. This was done before I knew about instructables to share my idea. Instead, I made this photo album of the product disassembled and during operation.

It was constructed using 5 old PSU cases, 4 used for the 80mm fan grills and 1 for the case. I had to first draw a layout of the design on paper and build the structure around the fans primarily for convenience. On my initial design, I wanted to use 6 80mm fans because I had extras from the PSUs, but the area in the middle where the 2 of the fans would be mounted would be too narrow and the base would have a funny shape. Besides, doesn't look nearly as good as this one. It not only should be functional and practical but it should also look good doing it's job. My second design actually had 3 120mm fans in the design, one in the middle and two mounted on hinges on either side but then I realized that it defeated the primary reason for this project.

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