Introduction: Emergency First Aid Kit

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Whenever you go camping or anywhere outdoors you usually bring a first aid kit, now say it's the end of the world or another disaster has struct. well to be prepared for that you need to have a first aid kit for any kind of injury. so here is my go at a emergency first and kit, Remember to please vote for me.

Step 1: Sterilization

Whether you are wounded or you're treating someone else you want to minimize the possible infections so you have to sterilize everything.


handful of alcohol prep pads to sterilize wound and tools

handful of antibacterial hand wipes to sterilize your hands before and after

compressed towel to clean up blood and anything else

irrigation syringe to clean out a wound

Step 2: Bare Necessities

you may not think of a small scrape or blister as a big deal, but if left in treated it could take you off your feet with a serious infection. with out mobility in the end of the world you in trouble


lots of bandaids different shapes and sizes for cuts and scrapes

Neosporin for disinfecting

pain relief spray for well pain relief

mole skin for covering up those dangerous blisters

cotton swabs for swabbing and applying ointments

markers for notes and bite swelling

hand warmer for freezing extremities

Tweezers for splinters , ETC.

medical bandana for slings and cuts

cotton swabs to clean up small amounts of blood

Step 3: Serios Wounds

its inevitable in a bad scenario someone is bound to get hurt so why not be prepared. remember don't pack what you can't use.


CPR kit with all the necessary items

tape stitches for quick un-experienced stiching

suture for more deep wounds [mind what i said above]

knife or scalpel for cutting whats necessary [not amputations]

tourniquet for when it won't stop bleeding

cause to stop and clot the bleeding

large bandaids for keeping the sutures away from infection

medical tape

Step 4: Conclusion

The benefits of making your own survival first aid kit are that you know whats in it so you can personalize it and the price along with many more. Remember the items in my kit may vary from yours because some of it just might not be accessible or necessary so customize it. Remember to drop a comment, like subscribe and please vote for me I want that walking dead kit.

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