Introduction: Emergency Flash Light With Super Cap & Toy Engine

This is the cheap and easy to made emergency flash light almost parts are taken from old electric toy car and and the engine is removed from a non electric toy based on spring retain force let's make it

Step 1: Parts Kart

1 super capacitor 3 to 5.5v
2 diode
3 resistor 5to 10ohm
4 DC motor 6v
5 toy car gear which has spring and thread pulling drive system
6 pen refile
7 sharp blade

Step 2:

cut refill small piece enough to couple the excel to motor

Step 3: Couple the Motor With Excel

slightly hot the refill cut and insert it to excel shaft and on other side to excelmotor shaft

Step 4: Do Connection As Given in Circuit

Step 5: This Is How Circuit Looks

after soldering contacts as given in circuit diagram its almost ready to go

Step 6: Time to Light Up

pull the thread of gear so first the spring going to store energy in compression of spring then left the thread it will lose energy to rotate the gear links which rotates the shaft that is connected to motor as a result capacitor charges and then by connecting led it will glow led .

Step 7: Lets See How Its Works ..>