Introduction: Emergency Flint Fire Starter/ the Fire Straw.

If your going to leave pavement you should always be able to start a fire.  The odds of a person always having a Bic in their pocket or glove box has been decreasing at the same rate as smoking.  Now when we need to make a fire we find we haven't the tools at hand.
Again the simplest method is to always have a Bic or equivalent in your glove box and zipped pocket of your outdoor jacket but not enough people do.  They can be damaged, and some people don't like to carry flammable gas on their person.
So try this.  Its indestructible.  It's cheap.  Make 5 and give them away to people you love and want to see live through an emergency.  FIRE GOOD.

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment.

1. Welding sparker replacement flints.  5 pack.  $2  (Purchase wherever welding supplies are sold)
2. Straw from fast food restaurant.   Free
3. A cotton ball.  Very cheap
4. Exacto Blade.  Come in very large packs, borrow one.
5. Duc Tape.  If you don't have a roll in you home right now, you are not the sort of person who should try this.

A. Two Needle nose pliers
B. A single Chop Stick. or Equivalent
C. Lighter
D. Scissors

Step 2: Prepare the Steel.

Break off one section of Exacto Blade.
Cut slip of Tape slightly wider than blade piece.
Place Blade on Tape and completely Wrap.
Trim with Scissors.

This is to protect Blade and when it comes time to use, gives you enough tape to wrap around blade as a finger hold.

Step 3: Create the Container.

Prepare Straw Container.
Cut straw approx. angle of Blade.
Hold with Pliers and heat with lighter until fused.
(I like to blow in straw just to confirm end is fused.)
Insert wrapped blade into straw.
Shove all the way down with Chop Stick.
Unroll cotton ball and pack about an inch worth in next to Blade.
Insert Welders flint, pack down.
Insert a little more cotton, and pack down.
Pinch with pliers, and heat seal this end as well.

Step 4: How to Use the Tools.

So in a package slightly shorter than a standard wooden match and exactly as wide as a Micky D. drinking Straw we have a high carbon steel piece of Blade, a modern day Flint equivalent, and a small amount of cotton.  Everything is as dry as it was when packed.
I'm not going to tell you how to start a fire, just get the initial spark.  It goes without saying, gather your dry wood, Kindling, prepare your fire spot.
Step one: fluff up the cotton.
Step two: wrap the end of your blade bit in duc tape and hold sharp bit up in the cotton.
Step three: shave flint across blade.
Spark will light cotton.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

Before building your fire straw, take a blade, a flint and give it a try.  Practice.

Just throwing a flint in a Altoid kit may not work since you have to keep them dry. 
Maybe seal with nail polish first might work, let me know if you try it.

Straws sealed this way are hard to get into.  For this reason, unlike lighters, these are not likely to be used for anything other than an emergency.

IF your having trouble opening the straw, remember there is a blade inside, use it to open its own straw.

Sew one into the pocket of your bush jacket.  It can go through a washing machine unharmed.

Tape one to your dogs leash.

Just because I had some, I wrapped a piece of Red duc tape around one end of mine, to remind people what it was.  (kind of looked like a big match stick)

This is my first Instructable, I look forward to reading the feed back.