Introduction: Emergency Kayak Rack

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Was walking around a local sporting goods store and saw a kayak with a broken chord and a scratch. The store manager offered me at cost pricing if I wanted it. ($300 off)

Now how to get it home?

Step 1: Walmart to the Rescue

Walmart was just down the street.

purchased a cheap knife $.88
2 lashing straps $8.00 (will use again)
Pool noodle $2.00
Anti slip rug underlayment $3.00

Step 2: Slice and Dice

Cut noodle in half. Then cut slit into the length of both halves of noodle.

Step 3: Anti-slip

Cut anti slip mat to desired specs.

Step 4: It Dosent Need to Be Pretty!

lay it on top of your rack or your roof.

Step 5: Tie It Down

All Done!

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