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Introduction: Emergency Kit

Hello everyone
I saw this Instructable contest was up and I though "Oh, I already have one of these in my car. So I will just put everything I have in my kit already, plus anything I know I still need to add.

Everything I currently have (with the exception of the air pump and the window breaker) fits in my Jumper Cable box, but I still need to buy a tough tool box for the extra things I still need.

The air pump is a hit or miss thing. I wont add it to the list in general, because it needs a power source to run. If you have a portable rechargeable battery, then it still can be used.

Step 1: Assemble Your Kit.

Here is everything I have assembled so far. While I am still missing a few items, it covers a lot of things I could run into.

1) Head Lamp - The head lamp is a hands free way to have light. Useful for any work in low light levels.
Price - 14.99 plus tax

2) Window breaker/ Seat belt Cutter - Kept in the glove compartment, this tool allows for a quick escape from a car. One side has a two metal tips for breaking windows, and the other cuts the seat belt.
Price - 4.99 plus tax

3) Safety Vest [Don't shoot me Orange] - Useful if you want to be seen [and not shot] in both day and night conditions. Also handy when changing a tire and being seen by traffic.
Price - 4.99 plus tax

4) Para Chord - Rope. Good for many things. Shelter, securing items, traps, you get the idea. This bundle is 50 feet.
Price - 3.99

5) Box Cutter - Thin, light, and razor sharp. Good for cutting rope, making kindling and other things. A good blade should always be on the list.
Price - Varies

6) Safety Glasses - Your eyes are small fragile orbs. Even the smallest irritation can cause blindness. Safety glasses should always be used whenever there is a risk of debris getting in them
Price - 6.97 plus tax

7) Solar LED Lantern - This inflatable lantern is handy for lighting an area. This one also lights the SOS code in red. The solar panels at the top help avoid the need for more batteries.
Price - 9.99 plus tax

8) Mini Sewing Kit - A small sewing kit is a handy tool for repairing clothes or re-enforcing seams. In a pinch, it can probably be used on people, but I would avoid it unless there was nothing else to be done.
Price - Varies

9) Zippo Fluid - A can of flammable liquid cant be missed in any kit. It pretty much explains itself
Price - 2.99 plus tax

10) Zippo Hand Warmers - This thing has helped me out on many occasions. Working nights in the winter was my prompt to buy it. Add zippo fluid and light it. It stayed warm for hours.
Price - 14.99 plus tax (each)

11) Fire Starter (Not Pictured) - A flint and steel fire starter can be used to make fire when all the fuel is gone. I recommended practice with the item since it can be a bit difficult to master.
Price - 3.50 - 15.00 plus tax

Step 2: Things I Still Need (or Dont Have Pictures For)

Here is a list of things I still need to add to my kit. I do not have prices yet, as I have not bought them myself.

A Towel - See Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for all the uses. (Plus, it is a valid survival tool)

Life Straw / Water purification tablets - Drinking water can be dangerous. Depending on the location, the quality of water can be drastically different. Having a way to quickly purify your water can save you from illness.

Survival Blanket - This bright sheet of what looks like tin foil is used to keep you warm in a pinch. It works by reflecting your body heat back at you.

Multi-tool - A good multi tool has many useful functions. Pliers, Knife, and Saw to name a few. This one device can help perform many functions that matter in survival.
Price - 49.99 plus tax

Some kind of water transport device - While I could use "water bottle" the number of different kinds that exist allow one to make choices. I recommend a hands free option, like a camel pack.

Magnifying Lens - The most common use for this device is burning stuff. Harness the power of the sun to make fire. There is even a special kind of magnifier that is as thin as a credit card.

Environmentally appropriate clothes - This one varies on where you live or where you may be. If it snows, clothes that keep you warm. If its hot, clothes that protect from sun and dehydration. Vacuum sealing them keeps the size smaller and makes sure nothing damages them.

Signal Mirror - A way to signal for help from aircraft.

Small Trowel - Dig a hole. Can be for gardening or waste. And it works better than your hands.

Food (non perishable) - This one is a little tricky, but it is basically emergency rations. MREs are one item that seem to last forever. They can be found at military surplus stores.

A book on the plants and animals where you live - A book like this can mean the difference between poison or food. These books have been around for years and contain drawings of all manner of plants.

A survival book - These books include things like making traps, finding edible plants, and other things to keep you alive.

And, since this is for the walking dead contest, The Zombie Survival Guide - Read it cover to cover. Then read it again. It has many lessons for combating the living dead.

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    9 months ago

    for the life/emergrncy straw try going to wish.com they have them there