Introduction: Emergency Laboratory Hair Tie

The other day, I showed up at school for my very first dissection lab of the year. I had done all the readings, prepared my equipment, dressed appropriately with long pants and close-toed shoes, and was completely ready to go......minus a hair tie.

For a while I thought I was doomed to getting guts and formaldehyde all over my hair until...a stroke of genius! (I'd like to think so anyway, hah)

This solution is so ridiculously simple I'm sure it's been done countless times over. Still I didn't find any related Instructables, so here it is:

Just cut off the cuff of your glove and use the resulting ring of material as a hair tie... hoorah!

The glove remains useable if you don't take off too much of the cuff, so nothing is wasted. I had nitrile gloves on me, which I presume are the best for this purpose -- latex or rubber would probably be way too tacky and tug on your hair (ouch!)

Yep, nothing much to it, but still super handy. Enjoy :)