Introduction: Emergency Light Design With Recycled Materials Led

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Hello friends, how are you? Today we will learn step by step how to make an emergency light with reusable materials.


Emergency lights or luminaires are very useful for locating us when there is a power outage and do not stay in the dark and cause accidents. These emergency lights can be installed near doors and emergency exits etc.


In this example as in the video we assemble one from pieces of scrap as 12v source of old equipment and burned lamp Leds, in fact those burned lamp Leds can be used for other purposes.

The design has a demonstrative character but as an option to obtain a better aesthetics would be to insert it inside the switch passage box and with the aid of a drill make a small hole to pass the led wires.

The source can be disassembled to save space inside the box and filled with hot glue to avoid short circuits. So only the LEDs are outside.

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1 source 12v
1 relay 12v

1 9 v battery

1 battery clip

1 Bar of 3 Leds (removed from burned led lamp)

We also use glue, tape and tin for assembly.

Step 1: Conections