Introduction: Emergency Pencil Sharpening for the Workshop

About: I'm a mechanical engineer in the Eindhoven region. In my spare time I like to make random stuff, both usefull and especially useless.

Out of sharp pencils, that should no longer be a problem when you're finished reading this Instructable.

WARNING: No regular pencil sharpeners allowed.

Step 1: Almighty Axe

Is your chin covered with hair? Are you a descendant of the Vikings? Did you own to many trees? Are you a real man? Or is it simply the closest tool available? Get your axe and get to sharpening.

Step 2: Clever Chisel

The clever chisel, in my opinion one of the more elegant solutions to our problem. A very sharp tool with a large amount of control. This way of pencil sharpening should be on everyone's bucket list.

Step 3: Powerful Plane

This is one of the more dangerous ones in the emergency list. But sometimes, in times of need you should consider what is more important to you, a sharp pencil and a band aid or a thick pencil line.

Step 4: Beautiful Box Cutter

The box cutter, something everyone will own. Their are knifes in everyone's kitchen, but none as effective in sharpening your pencil. Doesn't it work anymore, just replace the blade.

Step 5: Smooth Sandpaper

If all else failed, go get your favorite grit. Go fast with a low 40 grid and convert your 10 cm pencil to one of only 6 cm. Or go gentle, take a grid of 500 or more and reach the perfect pencil point in a slow but steady pace.

Step 6: Everything Else

What in your workshop can't be used for sharpening your pencil. Probably almost anything is some sort of candidate. And besides, the fact you have a workshop means you should be creative enough to get your pencil sharpened.

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