Emergency Motorbikebike Over Glove Mittens

Introduction: Emergency Motorbikebike Over Glove Mittens

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Its December you just spent your wages buying presents but you forgot to get the motorbike muffs you needed

Now its freezing and you have a month of riding without being able to feel your fingers.

I have handguards I have serious winter gloves and I just brought silk liners. even then after 30 minutes of riding im in pain and I like the cold normally.

this morning at 5am there was frost on the cars and I needed a solution quick so here it is

you will need the following.

  1. a teabag
  2. sport socks or even better thermal socks
  3. scissors

so first up important task make a cup of tea.

after the tea lay the socks flat put a glove on top and cut away a small chunk of sock on the side roughly where the thumb meets the glove. put the glove on put the sock on the four fingers and tuck the thumb out the hole.

vola instant over glove mittens. my hands are no longer cold at all.

if you want something that lasts take the socks to a drycleaners and get them to stich round the hole or alternatively evostick may work ok

If you are using rubbish winter gloves you may wish to buy thermal socks cheap and use them however they are bulky and with mean its harder to feel the controls also you should take your bike gloves and try the sock over the four fingers. Socks are not waterproof so these should only be used in deep cold not cold wet weather

I know this is really stupidly simple but hopefully it will help fellow bike riders.


If you are used to pulling levers with your index finger then any mittens will require a learning curve. I have never owned mittens but I got on ok with these straight away. if you have problems using the levers do not continue to wear these.

furthermore socks are smooth and have zero grip so depending on how you ride these might affect you using levers again use judgment and if there is an issue take them off. I had no issue with using these.

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