Introduction: Emily & Victor Van Dort -- the Corpse Bride Homemade Costumes

Here are some pictures of our halloween costume. The Corpse Bride is one of our favorite Tim Burton movies and dressing up like Emily and Victor was lots of fun!! Both costumes were made by us. I have included some pictures of the materials used.  We hope you enjoy the pictures! Feel free to comment.


• Ben Nye –Crème Foundation (P-16 Blue Spirit)
• Ben Nye –Crème Foundation (P-22 Death Blue Grey)
• Ben Nye –Final Seal (Matte Makeup Sealer)
• Sephora- Duo Eyeshadow (Intense Blue n#02)
• Sephora Rouge- Lipstick (seduce)
• Sephora- Smoky Cream Liner (made in manhattan)
• Sephora- Eyeshadow (swimming pool n#37)
• White & Black Eyeliners (pencil)

• Plastic Milk Bottle
• Scissors
• Craft Smart- Acrylic Paint (purple, white, sky blue, navy blue, black)

• Craft Smart- Polymer Clay (Neon Green)
• Craft Smart- Paint Pen (purple)
• Craft Smart- Acrylic Paint (purple & white)
• Black Sharpie

• Blue Flowers
• Plastic Headband

• White Fabric
• Creatology- Glitter Glue
• DecoFabric- Blue Pen
• Krylon- Craft Paint (forever blue)
• Scribbles- 3D Fabric Paint (navy marine)

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