Introduction: Emojiamoci - Communicate With the World

What you need:

  • Plywood (4mm);
  • Split pin paper;
  • Faux leather (without pvc);
  • Zip;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Hot glue.

Machine you need to use:

  • Laser cut machine [we used the LASERCUTTER (120X90 CM - 80W)];
  • Sewing machine, if necessary.

Dimensions of the game:

  1. Base (1), diameter 10cm
  2. 3 wheels of various dimensions (1°, diameter 9 cm ; 2° Diameter 7 cm; 3°, diameter 5cm)
  3. Hole where the split pin paper is going to pass through, diameter 0,3 cm.

Dimensions of the cover:

Diameter 15 cm.


It has always been hard trying to use an universal language for communicate, but thanks to this wheel you can go wherever you want without having problems to interact with others. With the help of this simple wheel, the combination of emojis, known worldwide, you can express yourself. All you need to do is to rotate the wheels to obtain the right combinations and find a mate to play with.

Step 1: The Beginning

Create the file on Inkscape.

Draw a big round of diameter 10 cm [100 mm], with a triangle (measures 1 cm x 1 cm [10 mm]) of another coloration for the edge, to obtain two different colorations (for example, the round in black and the triangle in red). You can use a gear from internet to draw different wheels for the game, we used the site The Noun Project, remember to “vectorize bitmap” when you import the file.

Step 2: Creation of the Face

It’s the moment to animate your wheels. Always on The Noun Project, search for the emojis that you like the most and that you think you can use to communicate. And put them in the same color of the triangle. Don’t forget to use the right dimensions for the wheels, for example for the biggest one diameter 9 cm [90 mm], the one in the middle diameter 7 cm [70 mm]and for the smallest diameter 5 cm [50 mm].

Step 3: Is That a Hole?

Create the hole inside all the wheels and the base of diameter 0,3 cm [3 mm] so you can insert inside split pin paper and give life to the game. Remember to write the rules on the back of the base of the game and having them always behind you. And to put the logo on the smallest wheel, both of the coloration of the triangle and the emojis chosen by you.

Step 4: No Fire Please!

Now you’re ready to laser cut the game, remember to check the dimensions to assicurate the realization of your game. Don’t mistake the speed and the power of the laser cutting. We used for engrave: 630 of speed & 30 of power. For the cut of the hole and the game you need two different coloration so that you can obtain both, without having the fear of losing the hole in the center. For the cut: 25 of speed & 100 of power.

Step 5: Bonus Part 1.

If you want a nice cover for your game you can do it yourself. You just need another Inkscape file with two circles of diameter 15 cm [150 mm]. And on one of the two you need to put the logo. We used the faux leather but depending on what are you going to use you need to change the speed and the power of the laser cut.

Step 6: Bonus Part 2.

Paste a zip with the hot glue inside the circles and, with the help of a sewing machine, sew everything to avoid the exit of the game.

Step 7: See You Around the World!

You can play just like Elena. She made with this game the question "Is this a bed and breakfast?" using the bed's emoji, the food's emoji and a nice question mark. Go around the world and ask everything that passes through your head!

This is a project made during work-school alternation at WeMake by three pupils from Caterina Da Siena (Potente Alessia, Tumiotto Greta & Yang Giulia)

"Si può scoprire di più su una persona in un'ora di gioco che in un anno di conversazione (Platone)"

"You can find out more about a person in an hour of game than in a year of conversation (Plato)"