Introduction: Emotional Light Box

An emotional light box is a project of VII School Fab Lab Polytech. Idea by Grigory Pisarenko.

The original idea was to create a room full of alphabetic cubes which, when collected into words, change the lights depending on meaning of the word. To make a working prototype in 5 days we decided to reduce the idea into a cube with pictograms which can rotate on an axis and changes light on an LED strip.

Step 1: List of Components

To assemple this project you should have plenty of

  • plywood
  • glue
  • patience

And some amount of

  • transistors (to control LED strip)
  • diods (to make a side sensor)
  • plastic mirror (to make it even more fabulous)
  • plumbing tube 25mm

Step 2: Mechanics

The main thing in this project was making a sensor which could tell what side of a cube is faced towards us and so we decided to make a collector which would provide contact only if the cube "stands up".

The collector includes two 3d-printed parts, a bunch of spacers which slide on a flattened wire, bolts which we use as axises for spacers.

Step 3: Housing

The housing is made of plywood and glued together. We also glued some plastic mirror from the inside and added a holder for the tube. Files with housing drawings and 3d model of tube holder are attached.

Step 4: Electronics

To make a differrence of sides we used diodes in various quantity ranging from zero to three so we could read on analog in of Intel Galileo different voltage. This part is placed incide the cube and connected to collector.

To control the LED strip we used transistiors .

Step 5: Credits

The team of our project (from left to right):

  • Tanya - tamer of wild Galileos
  • Lena - designer, drawing wizard
  • Alex - master of dark, light and historic arts; constructing genius; wearer of a glorious beard

Moderator of the project - Gleb.