Introduction: Emperor Zurg Mini Replica (Toy Story 2)

Hello everyone!!! Here's Zurg finally after 2 months about or less, he is complete. He is resembles the movie pretty well because I used stills from the film. Some is made from my previous Zurg that I dismantled. So here is how I built him.

Step 1: Base Structures

The base was sculpted with time and patience. With some reference aside to me I molded the base. I had to extend the bottom piece because I was a little worried that he would be too short for buzz so I made a little expansion. His wheels on the bottom were a pain in the but. I used the wheels from the smallest tech deck skate board I could find I shaved the bottom of his base to fit his wheels the back wheels were easy. But the front wheel was challenging because when I was trying to glue it in place, it got stuck. It took me a while to loosen the wheel again to roll. The cape is black craft foam and a red book sock glued together. I found a picture of Zurg's cape to use as a template for the shape of his cape. I pressed the craft knife gently into the foam to give the details that he has on his cape. I sculpted the top portion of zurg from loads of pictures for reference for the chest and the face. I had to be very careful when I was molding the chest because I wanted to make it really perfect to the film. The head is jointed from a wrist off an iron man mega blocks figure and the bottom structure is jointed by the leg part of the iron man for the waist. The waist doesn't bend like buzz's because I don't have enough joints for all of characters to have this type of articulation. The face was pretty hard to mold because I wanted to mold everything in 3-D. I even gave him a zurg o vision like in the movie but it doesn't work it's just there for decoration like the blaster and the back. The top part of the cape around the neck is made from same materials from the other part of the cape. Only this one was curled up like the film.

Step 2: The Horns

I cut a key card in the shape of Zurg's horns. These are the kinds of cards you would get at hotels or arcades.

Step 3: The Arms and Zurg's Cape Attachment

I created the arms from those big lego figures that you get with a race car these Lego joints were used for the shoulders. I cut them in half leaving the socket side for the connection of the shoulder separated from the posable part of the piece. I shaped the posable part into zurg's joints by using sandpaper. How I connected the joint to the forearm, I carefully crazy glued the part to forearm leaving enough room to pose the shoulder joint. The elbows I made freehand by eye screws and they were hinged by picture frame nails. The cape attachment I made from a hole punched circle from the same keycard I used for the horns. This was attached with a picture nail. I added the final details on the attachment which is his standard Z logo which stands for Zurg. I had to roll the clay very thin to fit in the circle. I cut the shape of Zurg's z very carefully with my craft knife. For the border of the attachment I had to roll a very thin rod of clay to because it was very hard to make his border with out making it too thick. The attachment took a lot of time and effort to give it alot of detail to film.

Step 4: Its Painting Time But Don't Forget the Wrist Articulation!

I painted the pieces the closest to the film and I filled in all the small details in with a tooth pick and a push pin carefully without any mistake. I gave him articulated wrists unlike buzz who is too small to have movable wrists. I used the same wrists I had from iron man. The only problem with the wrists were that I had a hard time removing the hands without breaking the arm. Everything had to be crazy glued without getting my fingers stuck to anything. The fingers were made from a template I created off of Microsoft paint. I printed everything out, covered it in packing tape, glued the fingers double sided, folded everything and covered the fingers with crazy glue. The thumbs are just flower wire covered with duct tape.

Step 5: The Ion Blaster and Back Part

The blaster is crafted from cardboard, sheet metal, duct tape and wire. I created some templates for the shape of Zurg's blaster including the handle. Also his right hand's thumb position had to be changed to hold the blaster. The top part of the blaster was molded out of Craylola clay. A hole was poked in the part to hold the tube. I glued everything together with crazy glue. The blaster is removable too. The back part that hold all of Zurg's yellow balls in is created from cardboard and a bottle cap. The balls are just tops from sewing pins the yellow ones. The hardest part was making the columns of the back symmetrical.

Step 6: Roll on More Paint and Create More Details

I rolled on some more paint and created the other piece to the back with clay quick and the red top piece was created from my previous zurg the tube was a black wire which was later changed.

Step 7: Zurg's Box

The box I got off of Pixar planet forums group and I formatted it to fit zurg. Once I started assembly on the box I roll on packing tape for protection and laminated to stay in shape. I had an attempt to fit zurg, the blaster, and the tube all together and being able to see zurg visibly. His window package is this time made from a sheet protecter for binders. I had a hard time Getting the box to stay closed without opening so I had I make a special groove to hold it closed. He had an insert too don't worry He wasn't loose.

Step 8: Finished Product

Here he is all complete looking forward to more soon once I get enough correct materials. So have a great summer!