Introduction: Emporium Knex Ball Machine (25+ New Elements)

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Hello everyone! After 3 years, I've finally finished my most ambiguous ball machine to date, Emporium (a.k.a. The Circus). This machine features 11 paths, uses 4 motors, and a whopping 28 new elements (at least one new element for every path). As I was building, I realized that most of what this machine was representing was a circus theme. Thanks to everyone who has been an inspiration and supported me over the years. This project was actually completed in bursts with large breaks in between. I started building this machine 12/18/2017 and finished it 6/1/2020.

Height: 7.5 ft

Length: 4.5 ft

Width: 4 ft

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for viewing!!!

Video without music