Introduction: Enabling Iot for Everyone

Hello world !

This was the first program i wrote a several years ago. From then i started exploring different fields of application of programs and their existence in our real life. A few days back some guy come to me and asked " do you know about IOT" ?? I was like !!

IOT --Internet of things , Big thing huh ! ....

So I am here now to explain you about a little bit IOT and a lots of funny and relational things we can do actually with it in real life . Lets get started

What is IOT ??

In my words : Its all about connecting your lill things around your daily life with internet , and getting some important data from it .

How its going to affect our life??

Ans: Just imagine you forgot to water your plants on weekdays . On Monday in office you suddenly remembered that you forgot to water them ... Then What ?? you will come to home and water them ?? I don't think so !! Where IOT comes into picture , By just programming one Arduino like module and interfacing some Sensor and Actuator , you can water your plant sitting at your office and lots more .............

Step 1: Required Hardware +Software

  1. Arduino +ethernet Shield or cc3200 Dev board
  2. 1xBreadboard
  3. 1x100 ohm register
  4. 1xRGB LED
  5. 1xEthernet Cable
  6. One laptop with Arduino IDE
  7. Wifi for CC3200 and Ethernet for Arduino

Our Ultimate outcome will be to control LED from a web Interface , means communication between Arduino and your laptop . Where my Website will act as a middle ware server for your communication

Software libraries we will be using for arduino are MQTT client lib ...

can be downloaded from here DOWNLOAD ARDUINO MQTT CLIENT

Just install the library as normal arduino library installation

Step 2: Website

Go to this website IOT SERVER

Follow the Pictures to help yourself

First register and then verify through Email

Then login ...... You will be redirected to your Dashboard for LED Toggling

Step 3: After Log In

After you logged in to my server successfully Click GET API DETAILS

Write Down your API Details somewhere safe , Dont Share with anyone

Now go to the drop-down HARDWARE

Then select Arduino +Ethernet shield Or for CC3200 select cc3200

Then You will be redirected to the download page , Download the appropriate file according to your Hardware .

Copy the code.....................................................

Step 4: Getting Into Hardware

Paste the code you downloaded from the Website into your IDE , in our case ARDUINO IDE or ENERGIA IDE

Then just Put Your API key <YOUR API KEY HERE> in the code

Find it in the Code .......

Just upload it to appropriate device ARDUINO or CC3200

and then move back to YOUR DASHBOARD from where you selected your HARDWARE

Step 5: Finally

Now Starts the fun part .... MAKE you connected RGB Common anode to ground , and ARDUINO PIN 7,8,9 will be connected to R,G,B terminals of the LED .

Make sure your WIFI password and SSID is filled in the Energia code .

Make sure you have an active internet connection and Arduino with Ethernet shield is connected to an active internet connection

Now in DASHBOARD you can see this two buttons


Then press the PRESS ME Button to initiate connection between arduino and your dashboard interface

If everything goes right ...... You can see the LED STATE is Changing if you toggle the WEB LED switches ..... TRY it if problem persists I am here Your friend KANKAN Thanks .

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