Introduction: Enamel Pin Frame Display

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My recent obsession with enamel pins has me buying pins left and right AND with no way to display these cute works of art. Hence the creation of the Enamel Pin Frame Display project.

This project is quite simple and you will have your enamel pin collection displayed in no time!


For this project, I used tools I already had at home and bought additional materials with a quick trip to Micheal's. Make sure to check out Micheal's online coupons as this will come in handy if you need to buy a frame!

You will need the following:

  • Frame - I used a double 8" x 10" frame connected with a hinge. You can use any frame to your liking, but just make sure that the Mesh and Felt can cover the dimensions of the Glass (in the frame).
  • Felt - I used a Charcoal Gray felt from Creatology (bought at Micheal's). I knew that most of my pins were light colored so I wanted a neutral background that would make them pop. Take a look at your enamel pins and see what color would suit your collection.
  • Mesh - I used clear mesh, but the color does not really matter (it will end up getting covered).
  • Sharpie - Any color is okay, this will just be used for marking dimensions.
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided Tape - Any brand should be okay. I had a roll from Daiso laying around so I used this. It's my favorite tape to have on hand!
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

Step 1: ​Disassemble Frame

  • You will only need the frame part for the final product.
  • Keep the glass for the next step...

* If you would like to paint your frame a different color, now would be a good time to do so before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: ​Make Mesh Pattern

  • Use a sharpie to mark the Glass dimensions onto the Mesh.
  • Cut out your Mesh Pattern.
  • Check that the Mesh Pattern fits within your Frame (trim if necessary).

Step 3: ​Make Felt Pattern

  • Use the Mesh Pattern from the previous step as a guide to get your Felt dimensions.
  • Use a sharpie to mark the Felt.
  • Cut out your Felt Pattern.

Step 4: ​Merge Mesh & Felt Patterns

  • Apply double-sided tape along the edges of the Mesh Pattern.
  • Remove double-sided tape liner and layer Felt Pattern over the Mesh Pattern.
  • Press layers together firmly to ensure adhesion.

Step 5: ​Fit Check

  • Place your Mesh + Felt Pattern into the Frame to check that the sizing fits.
  • Trim if necessary.

Step 6: ​Attach Mesh & Felt Pattern

  • Using a hot glue gun, apply glue generously along the perimeter of the frame.
  • I would suggest to apply hot glue to one edge at a time and allow to cool and hold in place gently. This will prevent the Mesh & Felt to wrinkle as you continue to apply glue to the remaining edges.
  • Allow time for hot glue to cool and fully set.

Step 7: ​Decorate

Awesome! Now you have a simple display to show off all your lovely enamel pins. :)

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