Introduction: Enchanted Mushrooms Salad

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So cute is it.
I do always when I want surprise someone on a Dinner :D
It looks cool and everybody like it.

Step 1: Ingredients:

- Purple lettuce
- Cherry tomatoes
- Tartar Sauce
- Quail eggs

Step 2: Preparing:

- Cook the eggs for 10 minutes
- Them put them in a bowl with water and ice

- Peel each them.

Step 3: ...

- Cut the tomatoes and the lettuce

Step 4: Fill the Eggs

- mix the yolk with the Tart sauce
and fill the eggs

Step 5: ...

- take a piece of tomatoes and put on the eggs together :P 
- drip drops of sauce on the tomatoes to decorate

Step 6: Enjoing :


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