Introduction: MOD: Ender 3 LCD Backlight On/Off

Mod for display light on/off wile printing at night. Now You can turn off backlight.

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

Soldering skills required.


• A mini-switch on/off
• 10cm jumper wire
• A resistor, can use <100 ohms , originally was 47 ohms . bigger nominal dims more screen light.


• A soldering iron
• A wire clipper

Step 2: Remove Resistor

Remove resistor from lcd board. Indicated red circle

Step 3: New Resistor

Take your new resistor of fewer than 100 ohms.
A higher value allows the LCD screen to darken.

I chose my almost 100 ohms. now the lighting on my screen is softened it was.

And get soldered on the board.

Step 4: Switch and Wire

Soldier wires on the switch.

Step 5: Resistor and Wire

Solder wires to the resistor.

Step 6: Job Done

Assembling the screen back .
And now you can on/off your screen light.