Introduction: Endgame Arc Reactor

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So I decided to 3D print the nano-housing unit from Marvel's Infinity War and Endgame, I also wanted to test my circuit building/ solder skills as well as I think that it would be a cool halloween prop. Always looking for ways to improve so feel free comment

Printed on the Anet A8

All materials can be purchased on Amazon.


PLA Filament

Leds, 3 Blue, 1 One

push button switch

CR-2032 3v Lithium battery

Cr 2032 connectors


You can download the 3d print from Thingiverse

you can use any color PLA/ABS I use Hatchbox RED PLA and painted the Reactor gray.

The print isn't complicated I printed all the parts within two days on the Anet A8

Settings- Dratt

- .2 mm walls- this will ensure the sturdiness of the print

Step 2: Clear Display

I ordered translucent PLA from Amazon- in the print they have all the parts needed.

I printed 2 clear pieces to diffuse the led's better, you can use the translucent blue as well.

ALSO- I used a file to sand down the edges for a better fit in side the face plate.

Filing is easier then sanding

Step 3: Electronics

I'm sure that I could have done this better

I bought a few push lights, disassembled them and I was going to wire them up in series, but I was having issues so I pulled it all apart and redid the work

What I did

1. Blue LED x3- find the place where you think the led will look the best, basically right, left and bottom.

2. Clear LED x1- center- find placement

I used electrical tape to hold them in place while I worked on them.

So--- Power (pos) to Push Button

Push button to the positive side to the LED

LED to a 220k Resistor

Negative back to battery


Step 4: Paint & Putting That Pieces Together

Rust o elum 2x coverage primer

I hit each individual piece before I bonded everything together.

to keep everything thing together I used gorilla 2 sided tape, this allows me to pull the sections apart if need be, like if I need to change the batteries, electronics go bad


I glued to the back plate with gorilla glue two (2) neodymium magnets to the back plate and 2 inside the electronics housing. and then put EVA foam to the opposite side for comfort

then just put the pieces between a shirt and enjoy