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Skateboarding is popular among young people in today's society.I have come into contact with skateboards before. In my opinion, skateboards must have stable board and flexible wheels. Of course, many people care about the appearance, but for professionals, I think performance is the most important


In real life skateboard materials are also very exquisite, the two sides of the place and feet are not the same, the wheel and shaft are also very high requirements.In the model I built, the pedal cuboid is a 72 long, 20 wide and 1.2 thick cuboid, and the two sides are two domes that turn up 22.5 degrees. The chassis is also composed of cuboids of different sizes, the rotation axis is composed of columns, and the wheel is replaced by tubes.

Step 1:

First, the main body of the skateboard is a cuboid with a length of 72cm, a width of 20cm and a thickness of 1.2cm.

Step 2:

In the second step, add two domes with a diameter of 20cm on the working plane, and both of them are inclined to 22.5 degrees. Add a cylinder with a diameter of 2.4cm and a length of 20cm at the joint of a cuboid dome to make it connected as an arc.The two domes rise up to make it easier for the skateboard to jump over obstacles, climb over, and perform various tricks.The purpose of the arc with the cylinder is to make the whole more rounded and to make it safer to cross the obstacle and less dangerous to be hit

Step 3:

The third step, start making chassis and wheels, chassis by several thickness of 1.2 cm, width of rectangle superposition, is in order to make the site more solid, add columns is act as the role of the rotating shaft to rotate the wheels can be flexible, and then add a wheel connecting shaft, the shaft at both ends of the two pipes as wheels, a chassis and wheels.

Step 4:

Duplicate the finished wheel chassis and wheels into an identical one, and install them on both ends of the long board, 56cm apart.

Step 5:

The basic skeleton has been made. All that remains is to polish and refine the details.TEXT is added on the bottom of the skateboard and COOL is added on the front. Two stars are added on the two ends of the board where the feet step on. In this way, skateboarders can quickly and accurately find the right position.This is how I made this skateboard model!

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